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morning news, a lumberyard warehouse in oakland bursts into flames. almost 100 firefighters had to respond. several people at a senior center trapped in an elevator as sewage leak from the second floor will have the full story. and today we remember and honor the brave service members gave their lives for our country where the san francisco national cemetery this morning. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for starting your memorial day with us. i'm sorry. and i'm james. and on this day, there are a number of ceremonies and celebrations planned around the bay area. will walk you through some of that here. and it's the extension of a long weekend. most people, if you're up, it's probably to go do something fun with the family. so we hope the weather cooperates, john. yeah, it's still looking like pretty co-operative weather today. i know we had a gloomy saturday morning. you woke up to some heavy mist out there in many places because

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>> it was a cooler than average weekend. today, though, we are looking at temperatures climbing little bit closer back to our seasonal averages and a pretty typical memorial day forecast ahead of us today. little bit of low cloud cover this morning. it's a pretty thin veil and will burn off quickly visibility for most areas. it's ok, watch some of your east bay hillsides and up into the south bay, too. now winds from the coastline are present helping to moderate temperatures through the day around 15 miles per hour. winds pushing into the bay down in the 70's for your us a- highs as of right now, it's 40's to 50's for current numbers. so go ahead. throw on that light jacket. that long sleeve shirt for morning hours later on today. do expect temperatures just a few degrees warmer than yesterday with a good dose of sunshine. some 70's, mostly in london, some 60's to 70's along the bay shore. great. thank you, we are certainly serious in holiday travel. >> like conditions across the bay area this morning, no traffic building at the toll

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plaza typically don't see that 7 minutes into the city right now. 7, 2, bridge just short of 14 richmond center fell bridge 7 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 of the tolls 20 minutes on this monday. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's get back to the big story, which is memorial day to day and throughout the bay area. people were honor those who have lost their lives, serving our country. a kron four's will tran actually following the story for us live from san francisco. >> where a ceremony is expected to take place in just a little bit. good morning. will. >> ceremonies begin in 3 and a half hours from now, james, but you don't have to wait for that. if you have a loved one who is buried here, you can show up right now. the gates actually opened up at 6 o'clock in the morning and you can spend this time by yourself. you can see those flags right there. they spent the weekend using a lot of people, of course, putting fresh flags down in front of every tombstone. there are thousands of them. and this, of course, san francisco

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national cemetery. the ceremonies will begin at 10, 30 this morning. let me show you video from last year. just in case you're wondering, should i go are not even if i don't know anybody here. it is a very solemn occasion, of course, but very respectful. we have seen people like congresswoman nancy pelosi show up here have been are a couple of times and i personally have seen or would not be surprised if she shows up once again. and then last year we had kron four's ken wayne there. he's expected to show up at 10, 30 this morning as well. you don't have to be in san francisco. of course, we have ceremonies like this going on across the country and across the bay area. so take a look at your screen. there are many other locations in some starts as early as 9 o'clock this morning. so take a look at your screen. there's one in san ramon bollinger canyon. if you want to attend that, if you live near san ramon, danville, pleasant and in that area, go to san ramon.

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you have one available to you in 2 hours from now. then there's another one in vallejo, mayor island. of course, that's another place as an option for you. 2 places at the bottom your screen, san bruno that begins at 10, 30 in the morning. that also is a national cemetery. and then at 92. and 35 at skyline memorial park. those are available to you. i'm sure we will post that on our website. if you didn't catch that so you can go out here and spend time. it is always a moving experience. and just to clarify, of course, we like to educate people on news as well. memorial day is to honor those who died serving our country veterans day honors those who serve our country and thankfully are still alive. so we honor the living and the dead. today we honor the dead and i can't help. but think of this. you look at this, james freedom is not free. back to you and certainly is not.

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>> well, thank you very much and 704, right now. and several people have been displaced because there was a sewage leak at a senior home in oakley. yeah,eit was discovered after people were trapped inside of an elevator kron four's. michael thomas in the newsroom with the story. michael. hey, good morning, everyone. a scary situation to say the least. now this has been situation happened yesterday at around 11, 30 in contra. costa county fire says there's still more than 4 dozen singer residents and their pets without a home this morning because of this hazardous water. take a look. this is what the scene looked like at the senior facility facility. excuse me on carroll avenue in oakley carroll lane, rather in oakley, the hazardous water was leaking from a bath tub that was over filling on the second floor. officials say it's filled with a mixture of things and you can see they're they're not sure exactly what it was, but eventually that water did make its way down the hallway into the building's main electrical room causing chaos. and this is video you can see both medical personnel and fire officials on the scene along

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with pg e officials who later determined that water was hazardous in total, 50 senior residents have been displaced with no idea when they can come home. take a listen. we spoke with some residents and other people that have loved ones in that facility. >> we don't want to complain comply. give us a 72 eviction notices up our but charges the good kids get looks pretty good. we set up light is just reported no. everybody's moving out. we are opposed to give a lot. failed to senior citizens that animal human beings. >> multiple residents there at the scene did tell us there's a handful of issues that have not been addressed, some of the trash a trash chute amongst other things. it comes eta of when the building will be fixed. in those 50 residents can move back in.

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well, there is no eta. currently, the fire officials say things are still under investigation. so as we get more information from the property management company, which we are trying to get in contact with, we'll keep you updated. that's very latest in the newsroom. i'm michael thomas tran. james, we'll send it back to you. thank you, michael. time now 706. and now we know the name of the motorcyclists. >> on highway one in mateo county who died in a crash. yeah, it was. 28 year-old joaquin dominic jimenez, eldorado. he was the son of half moon bay mayor joaquin jimenez. yeah. last night, friends and family gathered to remember crawford's jack moment has the story. >> remembering someone gone too soon. >> oh, man, it's unbelievable. we can't. we can't imagine. we honestly, i woke up this morning i was dreaming for adrian cansino have bay that someone was a lifelong friend. couldn't tell you that age, you know, urges young guns out

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here in middle school, just kindness. ryan r by schools all day. >> 28 year-old joaquin dominic. he met ms alvarado, died saturday, riding his motorcycle down highway one. he was the son of half moon bay, mayor hockey. he minutes. the aftermath was immediate yet we actually we have a group chat where we all check in when we hear about incidents like and unfortunately he was one of the guys that can not check in with. and while the roadside vigil continues to stop community members around town. >> of remembrance for walking brings the family and his friends together. we honestly a very humble, very friendly just on on this. on this to heart all with mostly, you know, fellow brother to us and not even a full day since the accident. people holding back tears an eye-opening nightmare. thrill not real, but now it's yeah. it's-it's setting javier release, another childhood friend says

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one thing that holds their community together. >> their love for different. and voters i had come out to get the guys out. >> his friends that to always walking but we have a small type and that we have here. we have the community. we have the people. we have the friend of the family. we we have it. we're going hold it down now. they're jimenez tells us that his son will be deeply best. and the number of people that you did see at that vigil is evidence of that. now the rest of waukee's family did tell me that they will find out about potential funeral services. >> coming up in the coming week, it happened jack ball, but kron 4 news. >> 708. the time in the east bay. a massive fire explodes at a lumber yard warehouse in oakland city. huge clouds of smoke into the air. more than 80 firefighters rushed to the scene. this was it economy, lumber, flames. as you can see here were leaping into the air off that lumber yard. the video here shows the firefighter response. they are attacking it from multiple

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angles. callers reported the fire came in just before 8 o'clock last night. by the time firefighters arrived, the building was engulfed in flames. >> we just heard a bunch of people coming into the gas station there there's a big fire. you guys he was going he is going to close. i go outside. it's just smoke up first. and then 2 minutes later, the flames erupted from the roof. chaos. it's crazy. some people are saying that could have been well, most people, but we're don't what it could railroad tracks. definitely is not the first time we've had fires around here, especially in this area. so there's been fires here before. but nothing of this kind really this 32 about the whole business has never been like this before. >> well, fire officials told nearby residents to close their doors and windows to keep the smoke out. railroad traffic had to be stopped as well because the tracks run right nearby. that building. firefighters stayed on scene throughout the night. >> but now we still it's still an active fire fight. we still there's a rear, the rear of the building that you can see behind us. there's a couple

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like smaller garage. is that still have some active fire that are in the back that you can see from and we've got units and they're working on suppressing that at this time. >> kron 4 will continue to monitor this fire throughout the morning and keep you updated. 7.10, is the time and happening today, the golden gate bridge is celebrating its 87th birthday. it was on this day back in 1937, that the bridge opened up to the public for the first time the iconic bridge has been under construction for 4 years. look at that photo. it originally opened up to pedestrians but that iconic bridge and obviously now has traffic on it because cars were allowed the very next day. millions have since used that way to connect marin county to san francisco for cars using it holiday monday morning. yeah. >> 7.11 is a time right now and chaos outside of a boxing tournament in the north bay. it was a car crash and a shoot

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out right in front of the place. and a man is arrested. for punching 2 elderly men in this campbell neighborhood will take a look at the reaction there. and why americans are now treating fast food as a luxury these days. >> and today's going to feel pretty good. getting outside. do expect some 60's to 70's for most areas, little bit warmer than yesterday was. i've got more. your forecast. >> and tracking that morning >> and tracking that morning commute on a holiday monday.

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ask about ubrelvy. ( ♪ ♪ ) ♪ (just one kiss) ♪ ( ♪ ♪ ) with reynolds wrap, cooking becomes so easy you can feel like the chef of your kitchen. easy prep. easy cook. easy clean. reynolds wrap. >> 7.14, it's memorial day and

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it's also going to be fly or drive home day from the long memorial day weekend. a lot of people are going to be reading today and tomorrow. and let's keep going. so scientists are saying that turbulence is actually a problem. more and more when you take flight. pilots say these severe turbulence events are increasing their noticing the more and of course, they say there's not much they can do about it, even though they have new weather spotting technology. here is a commercial airline pilot talking about this trend. we can say that the weather is definitely getting stronger of the winds are faster. >> that convective weather that we do see is a lot larger and scale as far as out the 2. but distance wise, you know, in and the those type of convective areas. >> so you may notice said you know, the seat belt sign goes on and you have to return to year tray table up position. but you look at this sometimes it's so rough. they get hurt.

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but they do say that serious injuries from turbulence are still pretty rare from 2013 to 2022, the ntsb recorded more than 100 serious injuries in the u.s.. that's a long time and 100 injuries. so you have a spread that out over a lot of flights and you're probably going to be okay, though. it probably upset your stomach more than anything. most people that i know. okay. so on this memorial day, let's find out what the forecast holds in store as we take a live look outside behind us here. the great start world and the grays back. hi, a little back for a little bit. but we will clear out nicely this afternoon. so the little patient with that, we got those east bay hills right here, shrouded in a little bit of a low grade that for the most part of sitting right above us will burn off fairly quickly. setting us up for a tood dose of sunshine for this memorial day today. >> high pressure is in place as we have been seeing. we do have storm systems passing weekly to our north, but that high pressure is going to stick with us. and that keeps us dry across the bay area,

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aside from some mist and drizzle tomorrow morning near the coastline. tomorrow we start with the gray again, followed by some more sunshine and also speaking of tomorrow are last of our cool days of this forecast. 60's and 70's both today and tomorrow. after that, we're in for quite the warm up towards the end of the week. today's daytime highs are going to be mostly in the 60's to 70's a few 50's at the coast and then at the very warmest a few low 80's for inland areas. but most of us will be right in the middle there. mountain view at 74 san jose. 78 gatos, one of her few low 80's at 80 degrees. well, hayward oakland up to richmond in the sixties today, 80's in antioch, pittsburgh, as well as vacaville. well, santa rosa at 78 degrees for your high. getting your lookahead tomorrow. as i mentioned, the last of our cooler feeling days of this forecast, temps begin to climb after that thursday and friday are going to be the hottest days with near 90's inland and upper 70's along the bay reyna. all right, john, thank you for

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that. like conditions across our bridges and highways on a monday morning. >> just 30 minutes. 85 to millibar to traveling along 101 green all the way from the south bay up along the peninsula. well, 2, 80 82 into 37. you're also making pretty great time. 8 minutes into the city. we're not even building at the toll plaza. what we usually are somebody will bridge about 13 minutes, their flyway for can to conquer just short of 60 minutes. gloria, james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain 7.17, is a time in the north bay. one person was injured in a fire at a mobile home in vallejo. that fire started yesterday afternoon on carolina and 2 on the streets blocks away from the solano county superior court. firefighters say one person was inside when that fire began. they say that victim was removed and is now in critical condition at the hospital. no word on how the fire started. police arrest a man for driving under the influence and other crimes in connection with a crash in petaluma. so that crash

7:19 am

happened saturday night was in the area of sonoma mountain parkway and maori pietro drive. police say the honda civic was driving southbound on sonoma mountain parkway when it hit the median and ended up facing the wrong way in the southbound lanes. they say the driver wasn't hurt but did show signs of intoxication. in fact, police say tried to run away after they handcuffed him, but he's now booked into the sonoma county jail time now, 7.18, and maybe you're going to do a little shopping on memorial day. there are a lot of sales. again, all kinds emails. >> and there are most stores are open. so we gave you a list of some of the biggies you might want to go. home depot. new little work today. or cvs. grab some in cities at target walmart. although those places are open, costco is closed today. so that's worth noting also closed government buildings, no mail today from the u.s. postal service ups. most of those shipping services not available today, including just a heads up about what's open and what's

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closed and a heads up about gas prices, too, because a lot of people filling up at the pump today. returning from memorial day, the state average right now for a gallon of regular unleaded is 5.12, and that compares to the nationwide average of 3.60, that are it. and 5.12, is nothing compared to the bay area. so let's take a look. hi throughout the bay area, napa county is at the highest right now with 5.49. on average. and then you go to sonoma county. so you look at the difference is huge in napa versus know of filling up 5.37. and then it's more like a penny or a couple pennies as we go down the list and finally reach santa clara county in solano county. and there's both look 5.20, a gallon. >> well, a new survey this morning shows that most americans are not able to afford even fast food these days with 80, nearly 80% of people seeing it. moore has an indulgence. the mcdonald's big mac is now more than $8 went before the pandemic. it was just 3.99 finance buzz says

7:21 am

that taco bell prices are up more than 80% and subway. you probably noticed those $5 footlong is are nothing but a memory. the bureau of labor statistics says fast food prices of even climb faster than grocery store prices. in a new survey by lending tree, they interviewed 2000 people. then nearly 80% said that fast food is now a luxury to them because they're struggling financially. this actually has franchises working to bring prices down. they're blaming inflation for why prices have gone up. don't forget to. we also have california now implementing a new minimum wage of $20 an hour for fast food workers. some experts say at this point, robots, maybe what saved the day in the future. >> primarily robotics technology to start replacing people. you're already seeing it with the kiosk ordering in a number of the different locations that are out there. and if you call that in front of the line behind the line where the food is being made,

7:22 am

that's the next thing that you're going to see. robotic burger flipping robot, it fries and so on. >> have you have you had a robot serve you yet? because i food at a kiosk but no talking no. a robot brought like a steaming plate of crab or something to my table. i remember in washington i'm just about as students ago. and they started ringing in vegas. yeah. i've seen robotic bartenders. some of the fast food companies that slowing sales over the last several months. >> are doing something new. well, not new, but they're doing that. the price wars to try to get people back. the fast food chains. mcdonald's says it's going to start limited time $5 menu. wendy's is doing the same thing. they've got a $3 breakfast option now n the menu. so we'll see how far that will go to bring prices down. >> the irs free file program is coming back. the irs says it has been extended now through the year 2029, this is where if you have an adjusted gross income of $79,000 or less, you can you're eligible to use free file. the software

7:23 am

was used by about 2.9 million taxpayers as of may, 11th, which is a 7 center increase compared to the same time last year. so the word is getting out. the irs is also testing a new program called direct file for taxpayers to file directly through the irs in the 13 states. they're trying that out. we'll see if they're going to do that. california, 7.22. and coming up, nurses reach a tentative deal with santa clara county. we'll see what they could get in this

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>> 7.25 is the time. and in the east bay fremont police have arrested 4 people for running a counterfeit money scheme. the manager of the store on warm springs boulevard called police tuesday may 14th after people paid with fake money twice in the same day, police identified 4 suspects from the store surveillance video and on sunday police found the group parked in front of a different store. the 3 men and one woman had counterfeit bills on them. all of them now arrested. and also brought a man now facing 65 years in federal prison for alleged covid-19 relief and fraud. prosecutors say lane jenkins is charged with wire fraud. they say he was the president of a company that claimed to buy renovate and sell distressed properties and that he received 2 ppp loans totaling more than a million dollars by falsely declaring that he had dozens of employees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly payroll expenses. then received forgiveness on one of those loans. prosecutors say jenkins actually use the money for personal expenses and the

7:27 am

pay off some debts. they say he also defrauded the government by taking out a $95,000. economic injury, disaster loan. >> the battle against wage theft has taken a new turn. the state department of industrial nations is confirming that 9 bay area prosecutors have now been granted 3.7 million dollars in total to develop and implement wage theft enforcement programs. what they're going to do is use the grants so that prosecutors can address this problem. the exploitative labor industry, they say they have the trends that they're looking at and also obstacles that workers have. could hunting in reporting violations. it's 7.26. and next on kron, 4 morning news. >> how that raspberry workers walk off the job. they say they're dealing with unfair labor practices righ

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>> 7.29, we're checking out the weather for you on a monday. extending the weekend for a lot of people like to get outside. yeah. and hopefully enjoy maybe a barbecue this afternoon. john, we need a little sunshine to really make that work. what do you think? yeah, who wants to barbecue into the grave? but yet today we do clear out really nicely. so once we get through this little bit of gray that we are seeing this morning. >> we will be getting back to those clear skies. it was an overall pretty cool memorial day weekend, cooler than average. but today we're seeing temperatures beginning to climb. there's your view about the clouds from mount tam right now we are seeing winds from the coastline pushing inland. that's transporting a little bit ocean cool their direction, but not too aggressively windy just enough to help to moderate temperatures. as of right now, we're sitting in the 40's to 50's a pretty

7:31 am

typical morning in the bay area. light jacket kind of stuff for those of you will that will be outside for more than just a couple minutes later today. we are going to be seeing daytime highs, mostly in the 70's inland and 60's to 70's along the bay shore. so for any memorial day remembered says you have going on maybe a trip to the backyard. good weather for any of that. reyna primetime. thank you for that. now the time to get outside. you're not going to have to. >> contend with a whole lot of traffic. if you got to get things done. 8 minute ride into the city this morning. but i would it's just not speeding is remember, chp still out there 13 minutes. san mateo bridge are. it was a bridge just short of 8 minutes. and the golden gate bridge. 37 of the tolls. 21 back to you. thank you. reyna 7.30, in the south bay police arrest a man who randomly attacked 2 elderly people. campbell police say they've actually spent weeks looking for for sarah stinson has the story. >> campbell, police say this video led to the arrest of a 25 year-old man accused of punching 2 elderly men in the

7:32 am

last month. the first attack happened on may 4th. police say nicholas host was walking on santa moscow, keno road and punched an elderly man in the stomach whose daughter ran away. the victim followed after and got a photo of him. police posted this video on may 17th asking the public for help identifying him and it worked the next day. investigators got his name, but they were not able to contact hosted or police say 75 year-old man was punched in the face on inwood drive-in elam avenue on friday. police say they learned host was the suspect in both attacks. on saturday. police contacted his parents and arrested him at their home. who stutter has been charged with 2 counts of elder abuse and for battery of an officer. police say he kicked an officer while being booked into jail. the 25 year olds. parents home is just a few houses down from the victim of friday's attack. kron 4 spoke with a relative of the victim. they said he's still recovering and they're not quite ready to talk about

7:33 am

what happened. another neighbor who wants to remain anonymous says this is sad for everyone involved. i feel sorry. >> for both sides, it's not like all. this is just kids. just a terrible not a terrible katie's just as he just has. he's a kid with mental and the victim, you know, as an elderly man. so i feel sorry for him. i'm sure they want. from their side. they want justice to. course, i stopped by the who said her family's home to see if they had a response to all of this. but no one answered the door. when i knock someone did drive by me and say they went to school with the 25 year-old back in the day and they were sad to hear this news. >> i'm sara stinson reporting in campbell kron. 4 news. >> it's 7.33. and happening tomorrow, scott peterson, the man convicted of killing his pregnant wife, will appear in court via zoom. his defense team is trying to get him a new trial by gathering new evidence for nassau county da's office is opposing the

7:34 am

motion. the los angeles innocence project is representing peterson. they want they want a dna test to rope and also a stolen van that was burned not too far from the peterson's home around the time that his wife, laci went missing. the da's office is asking a judge to deny the motion, though, because they say all the evidence that was previously used to convict peterson in 2004 has already been seen. >> well, sandra fell, police say possibly multiple suspects now are on the loose after a shootout between outside of a botched alternate. yeah, it was pretty shocking to those and scary for those that are playing bochy ball. let's take a closer look at what happened. >> well, sandra fell. police say if anybody witnessed the shootings to please step forward and offer what information they do have because, of course, there still are those suspects on the loose. now, police tell me it actually happened in not one but 2 separate locations. those reports of shots fired happening in front of dozens of people.

7:35 am

>> workers at marine bochy tell us at least 6 cars were damaged after 2 cars sped down the street saturday afternoon setting off a crash scene here. many of these cars belonging to tournament players but former but bochy executive director jessica levy in what she saw next shook her to her 2 guys got out of one car and there's they started shooting at the other guys. you know, everybody was shaken up. she says the people shooting at each other. we're all young men. >> and one was shot in the abdomen. she says everybody scattered. yeah, that that the sound of the terror of everybody screaming and then gunshots is. >> are in the active in at the face of an investigation. sergeant ronald aguilar with the sandra fell. police department says they can't tell us much, but that reports of the shooting not only happened outside the box. ball facility, but also 2 blocks down. >> we believe this was an isolated event. so there is no danger to the public. no danger, but certainly plenty of fear the shooter right in

7:36 am

the eye and then and then. got a little scared. jessica says everybody fell to the ground as the bullets flew. she was worried the shooting was going to spread inside. i never feared for my life down here or even felt unsafe >> can't really say that i don't feel unsafe now because that that was. for these folks. >> the show must go on now. this is total surprise. >> kind of screwed apart are bochy tournament. they clean up and carry on in regard. ing that person who was shot. police say they are expected to survive. and again, if you know anything about what happened during these 2 shootings reported here at sandra they're expected to contact police in sandra fell jack moment. kron. 4 news. >> they are looking there at alcatraz ferry workers who walked off the job for 4 hours over the weekend. their union voted to authorize a strike as

7:37 am

they continue fighting for a new contract. the free workers are employed by alcatraz city cruises, which is the only service to and from that popular tourist attraction. the workers say they've been dealing with unfair labor practices. san francisco mayoral candidate and supervisor aaron peskin was there supporting the workers. the ferry company says they're working right now to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. in the south bay, santa clara county nurses reached a tentative deal with county leaders for months. they and the county have been at odds over pay raises worker safety and a proposal to float nurses between different hospitals, registered nurses, professional association says the deal includes a 15% pay raise over the next 4 years and says the idea float nurses between hospital seems to be off the table for now. the union voted to ratify the deal. so now goes before the board of supervisors on june 4th for final approval. >> events are happening all around the nation and here in the bay area to honor our

7:38 am

country's fallen service members. this memorial day in san francisco scouts and veterans gathered at the golden gate national cemetery and you can see they placed american flags at the graves of soldiers. the cemetery is the final resting place of 15 medal of honor recipients as well. it's a service project. this started back in 1949. with the greater st. louis council. they decorated 190,000 graves at jefferson barracks national cemetery. and since then, it has become one of the biggest service projects nationwide. >> chance to do what we seen the flags out here, but never actually participated in because it's touching. it's important because >> look around, you guys. these people died for us. the least i can do wake up at, you know, 5 in the morning to be here. >> residents are going to observe memorial day at san francisco national cemetery at 10, 30 this morning. and there

7:39 am

are other events happening around the bay that you can take part in for a fleck for a moment on the sacrifices of those who served. california state parks will have free admission for active and reserve military at participating state parks in the north bay navy league and the national cemetery administration hold a ceremony at 9 o'clock in the east bay walnut creek holds its annual memorial day ceremonies at city hall at 11:00am. and in san francisco, maritime national park association of the crew of the u.s. s papa submarine will lead a lost vote ceremony to honor those who served and that starts at 10 o'clock this morning. part of all is over took over the streets of san francisco with colorful costumes. as you can see here, music, dancing, food, the grand parade started around 9 in the morning and covered 20 blocks of mission street and more than 3,000 artists took part as well. we

7:40 am

bring from all over the bay area from the northern part of california, southern around the world that come celebrate this carnival. so 3,000 art is dividing to about 70 different dance truth. some have 30 >> dancers and some have 402. you're going to see this. plethora of diversity. >> well, as about exploring and experiencing all of the sights and sounds and you can see not only was a grand parade, but there were also a lot of food vendors to hundreds them throughout the mission district to enjoy. >> all right. well, 7.39 bottle rock is wrapped in napa. it ended last night with ed sheeran being the final headline. performer. but the irish pop stars in the only act getting cheers from concert goers. we actually saw a lot of them celebrating the federal gavernment's efforts to break up ticketmaster the justice department in case you don't know is suing ticketmaster and its parent company live nation accusing

7:41 am

them of running illegal monopoly over live events here in america. and they're asking a court to break the system up that they say squelch competition and drives up prices for fans. the sweeping antitrust lawsuit was brought by 30 states and district attorneys. general, majority of fans attending this weekend's bottle rock festival say they hope to cut prices and fees will start to go down once competition goes up. >> if there's chance it will make it better. i'm all for it. as long as it's not where i'm continuing to pay extra money on top of fees, just to be able to get to the it sounds like you're at the back of the line and that's the other line. and it just feels like it's pushing back further from even going to see a show anymore. >> live nation denies it's violating any antitrust laws. they claim most service fees go to the venues. the company says it plans to defend itself against what it says are baseless allegations. 7.41 the time stephen aishah curry have welcomed a new member to their family yesterday they posted on social media that they are now the proud parents of 4.

7:42 am

the couple announced that it was a baby boy born on may. 11th. so congratulations to them as they celebrate their growing family. >> congrats curry's. all right. so i can wait for the new christmas fix. what? they're all there the job they always have a group picture. all right, 41 right now. and when we come back, a community in the bay area is gathering to support one of their neighbors whose home burned down while he was complaining about racist threats and a warning at a popular beach on the peninsula will tell you what we need to be aware of. >> and keeping the good weather going today with some sunshine out there. 60's to 70's for your highs, talking more in your forecast. >> and keeping a close eye on those highways on your holiday monday. drive times

7:43 am

7:44 am

7:45 am

>> 7.44, right now and a warning if you're going to hit the coast today. lot of people are doing that for memorial day. >> linda mar beach in pacifica has they say a 54% bacteria rate. this is coming from the surfrider foundation and they focus on improving coastal water quality. they say that that amount of bacteria khan put public health at risk. >> what you want to do is you want to check local water quality reports before you get into the water. we the surfrider foundation posts are water results on instagram, facebook and online. you can find or not this information. it's are fed a downward but also pay attention to swim advisories and avoid swimming right after it rains. i don't

7:46 am

swim surf near a creek such as pedro creek or other outlets, where storm water drains and then important you know, you want people to rinse off with clean fresh water before you when you leave the beach. >> the surfrider foundation hosts water testing reports online every week you can see them on their website. okay. well, 7.45, let's get a check of your memorial day monday forecast. this is what it's going to be like for a lot of people the forecast. the forecast is busy at good morning. yeah, i think it could be a but you might be hanging out there for a minute. if you wanted to get out to the coastline today, there will be some clearing this afternoon. but right now it's pretty socked in. take a look at that time, the way out gpat half moon bay. right now, we are going to be seeing a day today that does bring along with it. plenty of sunshine and just a subtle warm up from yesterday. >> we got this high pressure ridge actually building in further the next couple of days. any sort of rainfall son to the north, a few sprinkles likely late tomorrow in the

7:47 am

sierra. but for the bay area itself, what we will looking at is just abundant sunshine and actually gradually warming temperatures, futurecast shows our afternoon sun today. tomorrow morning comes along with another push of the low grade. even a little bit of drizzle along the coast to start your tuesday tomorrow. wednesday will be much the same now today and tomorrow are cooler days. the rest of the forecast most of us will be in the 60's 70's both of these days with 50's right along the coastline. but this just means if you like that cooler field that we've had. but for much your memorial day weekend, do you still have a chance to enjoy it? but it is about to be a little bit more summer feeling as we do make our way into this final week of may. oakland at 66 today conquered you'll be at 78 a few low 80's in vacaville pittsburgh and antioch. tomorrow's temperatures around the same as today's after that wednesday, we start to see those temps climbing in by thursday and friday. some of us will be close to 90 degrees for our inland areas. great.

7:48 am

all right, john, thank you for that. makes a great time on a monday. >> well, under 15 minutes across the basin detail and richmond center fell bridge. what about 20 minutes along the golden gate bridge? as you can see, no accidents hazards pretty smooth sailing for us. highways, nice and green. 14 minutes along highway 4, antioch to concord. all 24 just under 12 minutes small the creek down to 5.80, a double to fremont 15 minutes and 80 over in the east bay that normally congested 60 minute ride kraken down towards the prison is back to you. >> 7.47 is the time and police on the peninsula now investigating a shooting that killed a man near park in belmont. police say the 27 year-old victim was shot and killed at about 8 o'clock saturday night. investigators responded to the area near or wind and hillary streets just off one a one year-old donald park. the victim was shot multiple times and died at the scene. we spoke to a neighbor who saw police investigating. and shocking.

7:49 am

>> how have you know, we've got a family. i have been do kids. i have a son and a daughter and the mostly be in you know, evening in the night. but the walks park, you're going to want so it is getting to, come to know that the day has been on site. >> belmont police continue to work on this ongoing investigation and they're asking residents the area if they have surveillance footage of the time frame and questioned a call, it might contain a clue. >> it's 7.48 and on the peninsula. a man was arrested for a hit and run crash that sent a woman to the hospital in millbrae. this happened yesterday morning near the intersection of millbrae avenue, an el camino real a witness told the police that they saw the car hit the woman and then drive away. she was taken to the hospital and then police identified the driver as 32 well, a 30 to a man from millbrae and they arrested him at his home. and neighborhood

7:50 am

in san francisco comes together to ris a port, a dog walker who lost his home in a fire which burned down while he was at city hall complaining about races, threats. >> like, you that's what the city that's the whole goal. >> always want to have to go for some like it happened. so to see it happening now as the bus that occurs, but believes were here now like that. that's cherry williams talking about what happened to him and his family in their home that burned down while he was talking to a member of mayor breed staff. >> at city hall last week and he was talking about these races threats when his home on grove street near the painted ladies caught fire. and what the city has been talking about ways that they can address these repeated racist threats that he's endured over the last several months. the fire department is investigating what happened with theefire. that's still not clear how it started, but you can see all the neighbors that came together. and so now he's feeling really an abundance of love and support.

7:51 am

>> so it's completely outrageous what's happened to terry and his family. and then for them not that's up for you know, horrible fire. on top of that. i think everyone just feels, but want to help. and that's what you see. that's easy thousands of dollars rolling into gofundme. people dropping off people just coming together and let tearing his family know that they're loved and the and supported. and it's amazing to so many community members out he is always looking out for everybody in the neighborhood. just an awesome and this is all devastating to lose everything. mean, it feels least i can do. >> and you can see that people donated a lot of items, especially clothing because, you know, the family lost so much and those who attended also wrote their notes of encouragement, which the family dearly appreciates. >> it is 7.51. and authorities

7:52 am

in san joaquin county are now continuing their search for a boater from antique of who's been missing now in the san joaquin river. according to the san joaquin county sheriff's office to boaters went into the water early thursday morning after their boat flipped one of the victims swam to the shore line. the other those state back with the boat was never seen again. search teams have been out there on the water the past few days using remote control robots to look for him. we spoke with the siblings. we good. >> they cause a bubble kear. i them love do if do that to everybody. you this, you kid. >> sheriff's office says they will continue to look. california launching a pilot program that would charge drivers based on how many miles they drive instead of how much gas they buy. >> gas taxes help pay for road maintenance, but that revenue stream is expected to dwindle as state law encourages more ev sales in the years to come. some worry, though, that gps data will be used to track the

7:53 am

miles you drive and calculate that and that could lead 2 possible privacy concerns. >> it's 52. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, california lawmakers want ban outing trans students. at school and telling their parents how they identify. it's cool. we'll have more on that. it's 7.55. right now.

7:54 am

7:55 am

>> and as you can see here we are getting ready for president joe biden. he is going to be at the wreath laying ceremony and a place that this is at arlington

7:56 am

national cemetery and it's going to happen momentarily as it does every year marking the occasion in a solemn way and a very respectful and a way that has a lot well because this is all day needed. yeah, but that they're actually, you know, that takes exactly what you do when you do it. and and we follow that every year. this happening right out in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier, the camera pushing in. you'll see the president there with his hand over his heart. >> as they are taking a moment of silence before the wreath laying ceremony begins. you see there to his left is vice president kamala and here we can see some of the guardsman now with their commands. when we listen in and watch.

7:57 am

7:58 am

7:59 am

8:00 am

>> they've been longer. have it. >> it's kind of crazy think that business tonight. >> right now on the kron, 4 morning news, a lumber rocks into flames in oakland, nearly 100 firefighters respond to the scene. several people at a senior center are trapped in an elevator as sewage leaks from the second floor will have the full story. and today we remember and honor the brave service members who gave their lives for our country with san francisco national cemetery this morning.

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