Namibia vs England LIVE Score, T20 World Cup 2024: Good News For England, Covers Getting Removed Ahead Of Namibia Game | Cricket News (2024)

Namibia vs England LIVE Score, T20 World Cup 2024: Good News For England, Covers Getting Removed Ahead Of Namibia Game | Cricket News (1)

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Namibia vs England Live Updates, T20 World Cup:The match has started losing overs as heavy rain has delayed the toss for England's crucial game against Namibia at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua on Saturday. This is a must-win game for defending champions England. They are at the third spot in the Group B points table with three points from as many games. They need to beat Namibia to stay alive in the Super Eight race. If England win this game, they will be needing Scotland, who have 5 points, to lose their final group game which is against Australia. In such a case, England will advance to the next stage as they have a better net run rate than Scotland. It is worth noting that if the Namibia vs England game is washed out, Scotland will enter the Super Eight. (Live Scorecard | Points Table)

Match 34, ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2024, Jun 15, 2024 Match Delayed notify NAM ENG Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua

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    Update 12.39 AMIST (7.09 PMGMT) - Hopes are fading as the rain continues to come down! Thereare a lot of wet patches too and to clear that up will take sometime. The chances of a game are decreasing with every passing minute.The cut-off time for a 5-over game is 2.16 AM IST (8.46 PM GMT, Saturday).

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    Update 12.18 AM IST (6.48 AM GMT) - We have begun losing overs now. The covers are firmlyin place and the outfield has accumulated puddles of water. Clearly not good signs for England here!

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    Update 11.45 PM IST (6.15 PM GMT) - Things not looking good, there seems to be a lot of water on the field and the rain also isn't going. It isn't heavy but still there. We will start losing overs in around 15 minutes from now. Fingers crossed at the moment.

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    Update - 11.19 PM IST (5.49 PM GMT) - Nothing new to update it is still raining here at the ground. Worrying signs for England a washout would knock them out of the tournament.

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    Update - 10.33PM IST (05.03PM GMT) - Good news folks! The rain has stopped and the match officials are out in the middle as they look at the conditions. The groundstaff ismopping up as the rain has caused a few puddles around the square. We also got a word that an official inspection is scheduled at 11.30 PM IST (6 PM GMT).

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    Update 10.14 PM IST (04.44 PM GMT) - Itis absolutely pelting down at the moment and that's not good news again for England. The longer the delay goes on, the more the English players will be worried. Will they have the same fate as Pakistan?

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    Update 10.04 PM IST (04.34 PM GMT) - Well, not the best of news to begin with for England, the covers are in place but there seems to be no rain. However, there was a lot of rain earlier but the forecast is really good. Let me remind you, England need a game to be played here, they need a win to stand a change to go through. They'll hope the conditions improve and they do get a game.

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    Saying that, Namibia are a dangerous side, they have a few special players but they haven't been at their best so far in this tournament. However, they would love to play as party spoilers here. They'll have to be at their best if they are to beat this strong England side. Can they upset the odds?

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    The World Cup continues and it has been nothing short of entertaining. We now welcome you to the coverage of another game which has a lot depending on it. First, it is a must-win for England. Their previous win has given their net run rate a massive boost and another win like that will see them move above Scotland who will be facing the Aussies. England's qualification thoigh totally depends on that game but they would be hoping to do their job and that is end the group stage with a win and they'll surely be backing themselves to do so.

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    ... MATCH DAY ...

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    The T20 cricket festival is in full swing as we await match number 34 of the 2024 T20 Men's World Cup. The clash will occur in Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua where England and Namibia lock horns against each other. We are nearing the end of the group stages and each team wants to qualify for the Super 8 stages and be alive in the tournament. Namibia are officially out of the qualification scenario and this match might be a formality for them but England have a lot riding on this. With 3 points they are stranded at third on their table with Scotland above them with 5 points. England desperately needs to win this and a healthy margin would be gracefully accepeted by the English side and they'd hope that Australia beat Scotland. They were lethal in their last game against Oman. They didn't allow any of their batters to settle in. Adil bagged 4 wickets while Archer and Wood grabbed 3 each. They bowled out Oman for a mere 47 runs, which was an easy target to chase. The batters too didn't fail to in their task and attacked from the first ball. They lost two wickets but the aggressive batting of Jos made it possible to chase the target down in just 3.1 overs hence boosting their NRR by a long margin. Namibia on the other hand had a poor tournament. They failed to win a single match until now and couldn't perform as expected. Against the Aussies, they were bowled out for just 72 runs with their skipper, Gerhard being the top scorer with 36 to his name. Apart from him, only Michael got his score to the double digits. The bowlers didn't have much to defend either and apart from the wicket by David, they couldn't find any success. They have a chance to win their second match of the tournament and also spoil the party for the English. Which team are you supporting?

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Namibia vs England LIVE Score, T20 World Cup 2024: Good News For England, Covers Getting Removed Ahead Of Namibia Game | Cricket News (2024)


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